Waterfall Bubinga Drum Shell

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Producing Process



The feature of our drum shells is the implementation of an inclined or "diagonal" joint seam. This method not only achieves a more appealing look with a longer seam, but it also creates a stable drum that will remain "in round" for the life of the drum.


2. Molding

(Drum Shell Forming Process)

We utilize safe, environmentally friendly glue in our drum shell making. These "greener" glues have been certified by the European Union to be less harmful than previous methods. We don't use glues that produce harmful formaldehyde emissions.
These newer, superior glues adhere perfectly and create a drum shell that is superior both in strength and flexibility. Our shells do not crack or warp-like many other drums being produced today and will remain tight for decades. 


3. Shell preparation

a.Edge cuting

Our highly accurate cutting techniques insure drum shells have an edge that is perfectly flat at the very beginning of production. This is the first step eliminating dad spots on edges and reduces the need to use routers to “even out” edges during the process.


b.Inside sanding

Our sanding machines polishing process smoothes the drum shell inside and out-exposing all the natural beauty of the wood.


c.Outside sanding

It is very important to sand shells smooth because this process is the basic of whatever painting or pvc wrapped



For customers that desire reinforcement rings added to their drums, ourhighly skilled drum finishers can add this feature at a low, additional cost. 
This process not only requires skill, but in order to get good results, the inside side of the drum must be clean and free of any flaws to insure thering will firmly adhere to the inside of the shell.


4.Surface Finish


Painting is always the most important process at any drum factory and also the most difficult to be protected.Delivery of drums without flaws or defects to the drum's surfaceis essential. A perfect surface finish is critical for a quality drum. Whatever the paint style, the finish is the first thing people notice and it's the easiest aspect of the drum to scrutinize. The look of the drum depends on a perfect finish. 
Having an accurate color matching system is integral in creating consistent and replicable paint schemes for ongoing production.


b. PVC wrapped 

Unlike most Asian drum manufacturers who use double-sided tape to adhere drum wraps, at Barton, we use superior environment friendly glue for our PVC wraps. Unlike double-sided tape easily fails and also adds a level of sound killing "dead" air around the drum. Glue is always the better alternative even though it costs a bit more.


5、Bearing edges

The drums bearing edge is the most important factor that will affect the sound and timbre of the drum. It is for this reason that we always cut each edge by hand. The result is an edge that is always smooth and well formed.



Our drilling machines use a digital processing system, which quickly and efficiently drill all of the holes simultaneously. This advanced drilling method is used for drilling lugs, drum mounts and vents accurately and quickly. This insures a perfectly drilled drum at the best price.

7、Assembly and inspection


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Packing & Delivery


Packaging is the final but crucial step of the manufacturing process. Because drums and drum sets are a somewhat large item,in terms of volume, unexpected damage can sometimes occur during loading, unloading and transportation. It is for this reason that we developed a packaging, transport and handling system specifically for the protectionand preservation of drums. 

Our packers place all drums, hardware and accessories in carefully designed trays and/or boxes so drums arrive, undamaged and with all the parts in place.

Our shipping cartons are rigorously tested and pass a tension and pressure test of 240lbs which is the standard for American cartons.



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